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Planning Timeline

In 2018 Moab's Mayor called Focus Group Meetings with individuals and entities concerned about congestion and resource impacts at the Powerdam area after meetings in 2017 and 2016 did not yield a clear path forward to address increases in recreation at the Powerdam.

Past work:

2016 & 2017

Meetings and discussions about congestion, public safety and neighborhood impacts at Powerhouse Lane with City, County, BLM LEO, BLM Recreation, Mayor, County Council members

Spring 2018

New City Mayors call Mill Creek Brainstorming meetings.  Second meeting in June resulted in Rim to Rim Restoration being asked to submit RTCA application for the group

June 2018

Rivers, Trails and Conservation Assistance (RTCA) application submitted by Rim to Rim Restoration

October 2018

NPS RTCA grant awarded to group. Betsy Byrne assigned to be project facilitator.  First RCTA led meeting Oct 21, where the group began identifying stakeholders and creating a work plan

November 2018

November 29th 2018 RTCA field tour of Powerhouse lane and Powerdam with stakeholders identified challenges and opportunities

December 2018

Gathered input from stakeholders through a email survey and phone calls. 47 groups, agencies or individuals were contacted

January 2019

First larger group meeting to determine focus and objectives. Work groups to address some short-term concerns were defined including: pedestrian signage group, road signage group, social media and outreach group, and collaborative management group

February 2019

February 27th, Vision and Goals meeting. Road Signage Group worked with Moab City to install new signs on Powerhouse Lane to address traffic congestion in Spring 2019 season.

March 2019

March 20th meeting, vision and goals reviewed. Road Signage and Collaborative Working Group met in March

April 2019

Working groups meeting. Public input survey developed and tested by Collaborative Management Working Group

May 2019

Collaborative Management Group meet. Public input survey out by last week of May

Future Work:

Work to involve the community and present results subject to revision as the process moves forward

Gathering public input survey and results

June 2019

Small focus group meetings in preparation for public open house in August

July 2019

Presenting public input survey and results back to community, through community-wide meeting

August 2019

Short- and long-term recommendations presented to community

Fall 2019

MCCC recommendations officially presented

Winter 2019/Spring 2020

Public Input Survey

Mill Creek Canyon in Moab has seen a dramatic increase in recreational use in the last few years, resulting in significant impacts to natural and cultural resources, public safety hazards, and impacts to nearby neighbors. While the canyon and Powerdam, the busiest trailhead, are on BLM land, the issues affect the City of Moab, Grand County, nearby residents, user groups, and others with an interest in the canyon. Representatives of these agencies and groups are now working together to come up with recommendations for the community.

Meetings and other activities targeting a wide range of community groups who use Mill Creek Canyon will be held to gather relevant information about Mill Creek and how you, the Moab community, uses the creek and how you feel about the place. The information gathered will be used to direct the goals and objectives of managing and protecting Mill Creek Canyon. Take this survey, and stay tuned for future opportunities to get involved.

If you would like to get in contact with someone to find out more or get involved please contact Betsy Byrne,

News and Updates

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